31 December 2007

A personal review of 2007

"Practiced long enough, war begins to seem normal."
- Ree Soesbee, flavour text from War-Stained Fields, Legend of the Five Rings card

That quote has been on my mind a lot lately. 2006 was not a good year. And this one hasn't been much better. High points were being awarded the REU grant, maybe my talk at the J.B. Johnston Club, which I was pretty happy about in the end. Getting the Marmorkrebs was a very promising thing. And I've had the busiest blogging year by a long shot, and I'm pretty happy with some of the blog posts.

But I had no new research papers out. One commentary was it. Grant administration is all it's cracked up to be -- fairly hellish. And it didn't help I was ending the year writing about two highly worrying stories concerning creationism and Texas education: Chris Comer's forced resignation and the ICR proposal for grad degrees in science education.

So yet again, I can't wait to see the back end of this year. Roll on 2008.

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