28 December 2007

Texas Higher Education and Creation Research, Part 8

Houston ChronicleThe editorials have been slow coming, but coming they are, on the ICR application to grant Amster's in science education. Today's is in the Houston Chronicle. The subtitle says a lot: "State recognition of a creationist institute's degree would undermine science teacher credentials."
Texas Commissioner of Higher Education Raymund Paredes expressed discomfort with the recommendation to sanction the institute's graduate degrees but wants a thorough review. He told the Houston Chronicle that "because this controversy is so potentially hot, we owe it to both sides to be absolutely fair in evaluating it."

His caution is admirable, but the creationist battle has already been fought in other states in which science has been the decisive victor. Paredes makes the sensible observation that a degree issued by the institute should be labeled creation studies rather than science education.
Again, it's notable that Ray Paredes is quoted as expressing reservations over the whole thing. Also, many of the editorials so far have expressed a view along the lines of, "Feel free to teach this -- just don't pretend it's science."

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