07 December 2007

Texas Education Agency and Chris Comer, Part 11

Chris ComerEven some of the major intelligent design guys are stepping back from the Texas Education Agency's treatment of Chris Comer. William Dembski, on the Uncommon Descent blog (which I earlier characterized as "strangely quiet") wrote:
I’m still not clear about the details of the case, but if Comer’s firing were solely for supporting Forrest, this ought not to be.
Dembski seems very reserved in saying he doesn't know the details. They've been up for a week (including PDF from the Texas Education Agency) and there has not yet been any factual challenge as to what happened -- only why.

Anyway. Chris Comer's interview on Science Friday was only about 20 minutes, and largely consisted of a narrative of the events leading to her resignation. Not a lot of the information is new, although a few things are worth emphasizing. She did not send the email in question through her work account. The person who pushed for her resignation was not a recipient of the email, but found out about it and lodged a complaint within hours. And the ultimatum of resign or be fired was rather abrupt.

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