22 December 2007

Texas Higher Education and Creation Research, Part 5

Raymund Paredes (pictured) of the THECB has written a letter to the New York Times outlining the process of how the Institute for Creation Research's application to give Master's in science education will be handled.
I am reviewing the report and seeking more information and advice from scientists to evaluate the program and make recommendations to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board on Jan. 24.
I sincerely hope this is the case. And I sincerely hope those some of those scientists are biologists. Geologists and astronomers would be good, too.
The primary goal in reviewing the application is to consider whether the program will contribute to helping high-school students be successful in rigorous college science courses. In evaluating it, we will make certain Texas remains hospitable to high-quality science education and scientific research.
This, frankly, sounds encouraging. I hope that come late January, he won't have those words haunting him over and over.

Meanwhile, Dave McNeely for the Midland Reporter-Telegram has a very short note about ICR at the end of a longer piece on Texas governor Rick Perry. He quips:
Maybe education officials will say science teachers should be like the editorial writer, asked if he thinks the earth is round or square.

"I can," the editorialist replied, "write it either way."

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