05 December 2007

Texas Education Agency and Chris Comer, Part 6

More editorials today. Houston State Chronicle:
It will be more than sad if the Texas Education Agency is leaning toward taking an anti-evolutionary stance and allowing religious doctrine to be taught side by side with valid science in the state's classrooms.
Rick Casey, also writing in the Houston State Chronicle:
The doctrine of separation of church and state is not found in the Constitution. It evolved through the courts and through public consensus based on painful experience.
Casey lists several egregious examples of religious intolerance, several between Catholics and Protestants.

Outside of Texas, Bill Wineke writes in the Wisconsin State Journal is blunt:
I suppose you don 't really need another reason to be happy you live in Wisconsin and don 't live in Texas.
If proponents of this scientific quackery can terrorize a state education agency and force the resignation of a veteran science teacher, they will establish a precedent that will cripple serious science education not only in Texas but around the country. That's the last thing this country needs.
One wonders if any amount of negative press and criticism would make the Texas Education Agency do something like apologize. Admit a mistake. Ask Comer back.

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