23 December 2007

Texas Higher Education and Creation Research, Part 6

Rick PerryThe Austin American-Statesman, which did such a fine job breaking the Chris Comer story, has an editorial today that reaches big. It says the fight brewing over evolution does nothing less than "threaten Texas." I have to admit that I find "threaten Texas" to be a little overblown. Texas will continue to exist regardless of the outcomes of these processes. It may be intellectually and economically poorer, may have less prestige, may have fewer scientists willing to live here -- but the state, as a whole, is not threatened.

The editorial also calls for the Governor (pictured) to get involved.
Now is the time for Gov. Rick Perry to step up and halt the bloodletting before it does serious harm to the state’s reputation, economy and future. ...

Perry should not sit idly by while this potentially devastating issue unfolds in national headlines. He appointed Scott and McLeroy, and he should derail any efforts to downgrade evolution in Texas schools.
The editorial gives more encouraging signs concerning Raymund Paredes's take on the ICR's application:
Raymund Paredes, Texas’ higher education commissioner, said he is evaluating the report from the team that recommended approving the science course. He’s not happy with it and is actively gathering more information ahead of next month’s board meeting.
Emphasis added.

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