16 December 2009

Comments for first half of December, 2009

At Canadian Girl Postdoc in America, I offer suggestions on how to deal with a workplace bully. Oddly, I had just been listening to a radio show about that topic only a couple of hours earlier.

Conversation Matters talks about long-term potentiation between neurons. As I often do, I try to clarify a few factual details that don't necessarily change the big picture.

Terra Sigilata asks whether the acronym STEM includes medicine. For me, it absolutely does not. I comment further.

Building Blogs of Science mentioned teaching with Second Life; I describe my colleagues’ reactions to the idea. Let’s call it... poor.

Is science democratic? SomeBeans thinks no. I think so, and point out an argument I made here a couple of years ago.

At A Skewed View, I try solving a puzzle.

Why Evolution is True posts one of those funny pictures that makes the rounds on the Internet. But this is a case of it’s funny because it’s not true.

Speaking About Presenting talks about how being willing to make a fool of yourself can work to your advantage. I agree, but use different words.

DrugMonkey picks up on a question from Dr. Becca on whether it's okay to reject a manuscript because the writing is atrocious. I say yes, but only in extreme cases.

At the There and (Hopefully) Back Again blog, BioChem Belle talks about picture-taking etiquette in seminars and presentations, which raises many issues, and I'm not sure which one I should be mad about.

Dr. Becca bemoans problems with journal editors at One The Market.

The Women in Wetlands blog asks what to do about an individual showing odd behaviour. I don’t think chatting to Human Resources is the answer.

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