08 December 2009


Ack! People! (Runs and hides stuff in the closet.)

Um... Hi! (Waves.)

Please excuse me. You caught me in the last week of classes for the semester... And it’s a teensy bit overwhelming to have more visitors in one day than I’ve had for most months this year.

Welcome to all who were introduced by Blogs of Note! I hope that a few of you like what you see and stick around for a while. Perhaps a few introductions and a description of what I do here is in order. I think you might enjoy the atmosphere here if you like a little science or are an educator.

I try to have about one post a day during weekdays. About one post a week is about a recent paper in science, usually involving brains, behaviour, evolution, or some combination of the three. The talk gets a little technical sometimes, but I try to make the story understandable to those who haven’t got a science degree.

I like helping scientists, and prospective scientists, build careers. I run an undergrad research program, a master's program, and have served on multiple search committees, so I have a fair amount of experience about developing research careers that I can share.

I’m interested in technical presentations and communication. I stick my advice for talks under the “Zen of Presentations” label, and I have a niche blog for poster presentations called Better Posters (updates most Thursdays). I’m also an educator, and write a about other elements of teaching, too. What I can learn from games and apply to my teaching has been on my mind a lot lately.

This blog has a weekly photo feature called the “Tuesday Crustie,” which features crustaceans, because they’re the critters I do most of my science with. One of the crustaceans I am currently working on is a very cool crayfish called Marmorkrebs (female clones!), and I have a niche Marmorkrebs blog (updates most Tuesdays).

Throw in a few bad jokes and geekiness and there’s your lot. There are multiple subscription methods to your right, and my email addresses aren’t hard to find. Comments here are moderated to keep out spam.



l said...

Aww, you're so cute! Congratulations on being Blog of Note!

Vishaal said...

Nice Intro post. Keep up the good work. but Crustaceans are boring :(

Sproglet said...

Oh yay!!....geeks FTW :D

Congratulations on your Noteworthiness!

Zen Faulkes said...

Crustaceans boring!?

You're just baiting me. Someone bored with crustaceans is someone bored with life!

Sproglet said...

Crustaceans are made of win, and....chitin...

JBUDD NEWS said...

I MIGHT just follow you... I'm pretty big into psychology. speaking of... I just BARELY took a test for my class like 30 minutes ago.

Visit me at JBUDD NEWS

H said...

well, honestly, you do have a really interesting blog and I think the mention on blogs of note was well deserved (one of the best in the last 3 months, I'd say. Because sometimes I can see the attraction for a concept or another, but you do provide both a concept and good content, with a nice style).

Red said...

hey! That sounds like me! Your blog is really interesting!

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