18 December 2009

Tipping Open Lab 2010

As part of a writing class I am teaching, I had my students read a lot of the submissions to Open Laboratory 2010. They started before the final submission deadline, so what they read was in no way a comprehensive survey of all the nominated posts, but they read a decent fraction of them. Then, they voted on the posts they liked the best.

In case you’ve started a betting competition for who will be in the next Open Laboratory anthology, these might have good odds...

  1. Wired Science: Freaky Sleep Paralysis: Being Awake in Your Nightmares
  2. White Coat Underground: Fountain Pens
  3. Neurophilosophy: Voluntary amputation and extra phantom limbs
  4. Plus Magazine: You aren't what your mother eats
  5. The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: The peripheral attention deficit of primary psychopaths
  6. Neurotopia: The Value of Stupidity: are we doing it right?
  7. Mauka to Makai: Baby-Making
  8. The Primate Diaries: Does Taking Birth Control Alter Women's Sexual Choices?
  9. The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Did sleepwalking once serve as an adaptive function?

That said, the students I think keyed more into the novelty of the topic being discussed in a lot of cases more than the actual level of writing.

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Jenn McKay said...

Quick, someone tell the Freakenomics guy about the birth control theory - maybe it's driving the high divorce rate.